Electric assembly activities

Our company is authorized to perform assembly, maintenance, re-constructions and repairs of electrical equipment with no voltage limitation. The electric assembly works includes assembling and repairs of earth connections and lightning conductors.

We provide execution of LV cable connections for family houses and other facilities as well as execution of HV cable connections - overhead, cable ones, electrical centers, distribution stations, connections, etc. including delivery of transformer stations, whether of pole or kiosk type ones.

The Professional activities are only performed by employees owning appropriate certificates in accordance with valid legislation.

The subject matter of our activities is mainly the following:

  • assembly, repair and maintenance of electrical equipment with no limitation:
    • earth connections and lightning conductors
    • electrical centers, distribution stations and transforming stations
    • industrial complexes
    • complete LV and HV cable systems
  • delivery and assembly of:
    • LV and HV switchgears
    • industrial and low-current electric installations
    • control and information systems
    • protection systems, protection system parameterization and configuration
    • electric fire signalling, fire protection systems, electric security systems
  • technical inspections, technical tests on electrical equipment and diagnostics
  • warranty and after-warranty service