Technical inspections and tests

  • within the scope of energetic work realization it is necessary for their successful putting into operation to subject them to testing and inspections in compliance with valid legislation
  • new electric equipment may only be put into operation when its condition has been examinated through initial technical inspection and tests
  • operative electric equipment shall be regularly revised within the appointed time limits. The inspection shall be carried out in the year of ending the appointed time limit from the time of the last inspection performance.
  • we perform activities with electric equipment in accordance with provisions of technical standards, also according to requirements from manufacturers specified in the accompanying and service documents (service manuals, manuals for assembly, repairs and maintenance) under keeping the safety and technical requirements.

The technical inspection and test have been recorded (report on technical inspection and tests of electric equipment).

  • low-voltage connections
  • office facilities
  • family houses
  • industrial facilities
  • exterior lighting
  • lightning conductors