Welcome on pages of company SlovEnergy, s. r. o.

The company SlovEnergy, s. r. o. offers its services in the profession of electric engineering, especially assembly of electrical equipment, installations and construction of electric centers. It also offers services for comprehensive order execution.

Within the scope of electrical assembly works we are able to provide any comprehensive solution based on individual requirements and wishes of our customers from consulting service through projects, technical preparation and realization up to warranty and after-warranty service.

Thanking to human potential, machinery and vehicle fleet we are ready to fulfil within the scope of our activities the requested objectives.

Our main objective is: ”building users´ trust“.

This objective is supported by the whole management board and all the employees who seek jointly to achieve it.

Continuous improvement of our abilities leads to achievement of better final results of the company SlovEnergy, s. r. o.:

  - in economic results
  - as well as in customers´satisfaction

Satisfied customer is the ultimate indicator of quality for us.